By: Shaun Dreisbach, Nutrition & Features Editor  |  EatingWell 2018 American Food Heroes

      Our annual American Food Heroes list honors 12 people doing extraordinary things to make food better in our country—whether it’s through food policy, sustainability initiatives or life-saving nutrition research.

      Welcome to our second annual American Food Heroes list, honoring 12 people doing extraordinary things to make food better in our country. They’re the icons informing us where our food comes from, how it’s produced and its impact on our health, communities and the environment. To compile the list, we called for nominations from readers as well as top experts to find out who has been making a real impact in the food space, particularly in the past year. Then our editorial team reviewed the submissions and winnowed them down to the winners you’ll read about here. Prepare to be inspired!

      Meet this year’s American Food Heroes:


      Marc Oshima英雄联盟外围


      Leafy greens are the biggest contributors to food waste in America. Oshima aims to change that.

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